The lineup stylishly represents the ongoing dispersion of bourbon production around the country. (photo courtesy of the brand)

We of course associate bourbon with Kentucky, but Central California-based Corbin Cash Distillery is aiming to change that perception.

A sweet potato producer since 1917, the Souza farming family has found an innovative way to make use of its crop, turning it into vodka and other spirits as part of a farm-to-bottle core roundup of spirits that also includes a Western Dry Gin, Merced Rye, and Blended Whiskey. The Los Angeles Spirit Awards recently honored the operation’s sour mash bourbon with a Best Bourbon of 2021 award.

The brainchild of master distiller David John Souza, the operation’s four year-aged, 106-proof bourbon features a 70 percent corn, 25 percent rye, 5 percent malt mash bill, culminating in a smoky nose of vanilla and oak that leads into warm tasting notes of apple and cinnamon.