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Wine and Whiskey Globe serves the aficionado and the casual drinker alike. The common denominator here is an appreciation for wine and spirits from all over the world. We like to talk about these pleasures, and learn about them, without snobbery or bias. 

Not sure what you’re in the mood for? We’ll have an idea for you—and we’ll put a smile on your face while someone mixes it up. We’ll help you get the juices flowing. From navigating a wine list to executing a perfect Manhattan, we’ll provide insights you can actually use. Cocktail recipes. Techniques. The best new highball glass. And tips for value bottles that punch above their weight.

Wine and Whiskey Globe is a place to meet the entrepreneurs and artisans behind the most distinguished beverages. Look to us for a steady stream of information on new bottlings, an appreciation for the classics, and a convivial companion for all of the above.