The Weller Single Barrel joins the much-coveted roster. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Bottled at 97 proof, Weller Single Barrel from Buffalo Trace is arriving on the Kentucky bourbon scene this month as a limited-offering annual release. At $50, this welcome option joins a wheated bourbon lineup that also includes BT’s 12-year Experimental Collection entry, Old Weller Antique and, of course, the legendary Pappy Van Winkle.

William Larue Weller innovated his bourbon recipe in the mid-1800s by opting to complement his mash bill with wheat as the secondary grain instead of the expected traditional rye. His goal? Smoother taste and an easy-drinking characteristic, happy results that now serve as the benchmark for Buffalo Trace’s entire collection of W.L. Weller products.

Distillery notes describe the Single Barrel as boasting a nose of mint, cherry, and vanilla with bold caramel and cocoa flavors at initial sip, easing into notes of baking spice, coffee, and pepper for a memorable finish. Get it while you can; these coveted bottles, like all the offerings from this family, are sure to go fast.