A whiskey that won’t bite—from former Vampire Diaries actors.  (photo by Amy Lynch for Wine & Whiskey Globe)

Actors Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder may not technically be blood brothers, but their close friendship did develop over a portrayal of vampires.

Several years off their roles as Stefan and Damon Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries,” the duo took a note from their on- (and off-) screen penchant for sharing a drink and decided to create their very own bourbon. Somerhalder, a native Louisianan, and Polish transplant Wesley spent several years doing R&D, finally setting on a 65 percent corn, 22 percent rye mash bill rounded out with wheat and barley.

The 80-proof Brothers Bond straight bourbon looks light and clear in the bottle, translating to a gentle introduction on the palate and a subtle nose that hints at sweet caramel and brown sugar. The mouthfeel seems a bit thin at first, but blooms into a surprisingly long finish with the suggestion of fruit and spice.

Some celebrity whisky brands seem to bank on name recognition to make up for a multitude of quality and production sins. That’s not the case here. Although it’s not terribly complex, Brothers Bond is certainly good enough for easy drinking neat or over ice on its own merits, and a savvy bottle to keep on the shelf for those beginning their explorations in the category.