Country star Carly Pearce figures to get into the wine business someday. (photo by J. Shearer)

Since breaking out of the country gate in 2017 with her massive hit “Every Little Thing,” Carly Pearce has made it a habit to sing songs about drinking.

Wine, in particular.

“It’s hilarious that alcohol seems to be a theme in my music,” laughs the Kentucky native, who got her start singing at Dollywood as a teenager. “I do LOVE wine, and it has definitely gotten me in trouble when I have had too much. I think so many people can relate to that, and I always say, ‘Why can’t the girls have a classy drinking song?'”

Our thoughts exactly.

As her current hit “I Hope You’re Happy Now”  climbs into the top 10 on country music charts in the U.S. and Canada, Pearce took the time to chat with the Globe about her adoration for a little drink, now and then.

Do you remember the first sip of alcohol you ever took?

CARLY PEARCE: I am pretty sure the first alcohol I ever had was a sip of my Grandpa Pearce’s Pabst Blue Ribbon and trying not to gag. (Laughs.)

What is your go-to drink?

My go to drink on the road will always and forever be red wine. Honestly, my choice always is going to be red wine!

What about a date night with hubby (and fellow country star) Michael Ray–what do you partake in then?

Michael really likes vodka, so I will sometimes switch it up to a vodka soda or even margaritas if we go out for a happy hour.

Are there any particular brands that have stuck with you throughout your life? 

As far as wine goes, I really love The Stag, Conundrum, and Zac Brown’s wine, Z Alexander Brown. If Michael is buying, I really love the Stags Leap line, Caymus, and Silver Oak

Anything you can’t stomach? 

I absolutely HATE scotch… and I am not a huge fan of beer or gin!

You turned 30 this year – how have your feelings on drinking changed throughout the years? 

I can assure you that my hangovers have gotten almost unbearable at this point! I used to be able to drink as much as I wanted and not feel a thing. These days, if I have more than a glass-and-a-half or 2 of wine and I am going to feel it in the morning! 

We have to ask: Have you ever thought of starting your own wine business? 

Partnering or starting my own line of wine is an absolute dream of mine. I love everything about the lifestyle and culture of wine and I know that one day it is going to happen!