Mijenta’s Gran Reserva is a true anejo well worth seeking out. (photos courtesy of the brand)

We’ve been fans of Mijenta Tequila for quite a while now, though they are relative newcomers. It’s one of those good agave brands with quality across its price points.  Furthermore, they walk the walk, with Jalisco highlands tequila made with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Father’s Day deal comes with a sort of built-in activity.

If you want to hit Dad with something special, and you’re willing to hunt, chase after the Gran Reserva ($200). Fairly limited in quantity, the juice sees a minimum 18 months in American white oak, French oak, French acacia casks, and cherry barrels, ending up with a rich and complex palate, lightly smoky. The brand recommends it with food, but I’d go before or after dinner myself, maybe with a single cube. It’s contemplative, with cocoa and tobacco notes. Which is excuse enough to get Dad a cigar to go along with it.

Easier to find, probably, and every bit as fun, is the label’s current promo—two solid rocks glasses with a purchase of the Blanco and Reposado. You can get it here, for about $119, then sit down with Dad and talk about life and the blessings a little age can bestow.