Mijenta’s new, limited edition reposado was monitored throughout its aging period. (photo courtesy of the brand)

The brainchild of former Bacardi CEO Mike Dolan, master barman Juan Coronado, and sustainable designer Elise Som, Mijenta Tequila released its first exquisite blanco expression just a few months ago—produced with a marked dedication to the land, authenticity, and a commitment to sustainability.

“Mijenta deeply respects the terroir of the Jalisco highlands, which is why we have aspired to craft tequilas that bring forth the region’s famous mineral-rich, red alkaline soil and unique fruity notes,” the operation’s tequilera Ana Maria Romero says. Fresh on the heels of that release, the distillery has debuted its intriguing reposado expression ($69).

Co-founder Juan Coronado reports that the “reposado’s distinct aromatic, flavor profile and velvety texture illustrates a unique combination of Mijenta’s quality and artistry, distinguished by the core expression of Mijenta Blanco, the meticulous selection of our barrels, and a carefully curated aging process.” The base blanco brew was transferred into 180-liter hand-selected American oak and French oak and acacia casks and tasted every 15 days for its up to six months of woody rest. Only 6,500 bottles were produced for the first batch hitting stores now.

The Mijenta blanco is a robust, fruity, but powerful uncasked tequila with a dose more complexity that many other blancos. So the monitored barrel-aging brings out and amplifies an inviting vanilla nose with notes of honey and preserved fruits with a wide-tongue underlay of cacao. Best to experience this reposado neat or with a rock, but with its endemic earthy sweetness, Mijenta Reposado is certainly a candidate for a classic modified whisky cocktail as well. Think Old-Fashioned, con tequila