Country singer Chris Young doesn’t drink before the show—but when he gets offstage, he reaches for the Comisario. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Country music superstar Chris Young has 11 No. 1 singles and over 2 billion streams—and last year went and sold nearly a half a million concert tickets as part of his arena and amphitheater headline tour.  

But this year is a completely different story.

The global ambassador for Comisario Tequila is well on his way to legendary status but now, of course, currently finds himself off the road. And while the Tennessee native (who has cut his share of drinking songs such as “Drinkin’ Me Lonely,”  “Save Water, Drink Beer,” and “Aw Naw,”) can’t recall the last summer he spent off the stage, he does recognize the bright spots that an unexpected vacation can provide.

And for him, that means new music and more tequila.

Can you remember the first time you ever tried tequila?

My first taste of tequila, and this will probably sound funny, was in Mexico with my parents. To be honest, I was one of those people that got in the tequila game when I turned 21.

You currently serve as the global ambassador for Comisario Tequila. How has your relationship with tequila changed through the years?

I don’t think it’s just me, but I think I’ve become more discerning when it comes to tequila. I appreciate a brand such as Comisario. Sitting and enjoying a small glass of it while I am listening to mixes just feels right.

(photo by Matthew Berinato)

How about before a show? Shots perhaps?

I don’t drink a whole lot before a show. I’ve been known to drink after the show. (Laughs.) But sometimes before a show, we will have a shot and then have the group prayer and then we will go on the stage.

You just released the song “If That Ain’t God.” It feels timely.

It’s definitely a positive message that I think people need to hear right now. It’s all about not taking anything for granted, from that first cup of coffee in the morning to watching that sun set over the water at night to having my dog sitting next to me on the couch right now. I think that there are things we go through our daily life that we brush through at times, but not anymore.

So if you could have a drink with God, what would you have?

I would have to defer to Him. I’m not making that decision. (Laughs.)