Aficionados who have everything probably don’t have a customized decanter. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Dads and other lovers of whiskey can be hard to buy for. If there’s a bottle they want, they already have it. And few of us need more stuff.

But stuff with your name on it? That’s something a little different.

I recently came across the Man Crates company, which does just what you’d expect, given the name. They pack and ship wooden boxes full of jerky and grilling stuff, and even sets of beer glasses with sports team logos. Like that.

The best thing they have, I think, is the Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Inside, theres a decanter and two sturdy rocks glasses, which you can have customized with initials and such. A couple of ice sphere molds and coasters, something called a “Whiskey Drinking Journal,” and some salty snacks. It’s a bit of harmless fun—and a good gift for the fellow who has everything. Or who thought he did.