Punk Whisky Tumbler Set

The Punk Whisky Tumbler Set from Nachtmann. (photo courtesy of Nachtmann)


Like me, you undoubtedly have friends whose liquor cabinets are fuller than yours. And like me, you sometimes want to give those friends a gift of something they don’t already have. More than likely, this gift will not come in a bottle. You’re looking for something with provenance, and something they will actually use and enjoy.

I found something.

The Nachtmann Punk Whisky Set is the niftiest thing of its kind I have seen in a while. The brand’s website describes its aesthetic as “cheekily abrasive,” and its hard to argue. Designed a few ago in homage to London’s 1970s punk scene, these vessels are studded with dozens of tiny pyramid-shaped studs, reminiscent of the texture of Sid Vicious’ leather jacket. Which makes it pleasant in the hand—sturdy and sparkly enough to hold your best stuff. Goes for about $160.

The Nachtmann glass company started in Bavaria in 1834, got mostly destroyed in Word War II, rebuilt, and then cruised along for decades before being acquired in 2004 by the legendary Austrian glassmaker Riedel (founded in 1756, incidentally—the year Mozart was born). The Punk series is part of their Nextgen design initiative, rethinking and evolving the traditional bar cart aesthetic.

I got myself a set of glasses and have taken them at their word; the dishwasher seems to do them no harm. A great gift for anyone who might be caught singing “My Way” in the shower.