Use a handsome empty—or finally put that beautiful decanter to good use. (photo by Igor Klimov)

All good things must eventually end—or must they?

Although no human can endure, it’s possible to make whiskey last forever, with an Infinity bottle. That ubiquitous quaff, the liquid “je ne sais quoithat is whiskey, forever enshrined on your very own bar cart. Huh?

Let me break it down. You’re judiciously nipping at your prized bottle of Port Charlotte, a sip or two a week to prolong the joy. Then the unthinkable occurs. You tip the bottle to find just half a dram remaining. While a lesser person might panic, you’re prepared, because your Infinity bottle is primed, ready to accept its next golden deposit.

An Infinity bottle is like a living whiskey “scrapbook,” lovingly populated with drips and last drops of every whiskey consumed. We’re not talking about bottom-shelf dregs. Infinity bottles should hold a place of honor, a personal blend representing everything you love about whiskey. Begin by selecting a proper empty bottle—perhaps that vintage ’68 Forever Elvis McCormick Whisky collector’s vessel, or maybe a cut-crystal decanter from Saks. Mine was an empty bottle of Balvenie Doublewood 12, its label painstakingly removed and preserved with my other whiskey memorabilia.

Start by rinsing the bottle; allow it to dry thoroughly, then pour the last drop of Port Charlotte (or any other whiskey) into the empty. Get the idea? Each time you reach that final dram, into the Infinity bottle it goes. Be sure to wait until your Infinity reaches critical mass. I never touch my bottles at less than 90% capacity.

Did you notice I said, “bottles.” Infinity bottles are custom blends of every whiskey you consume, but the mix matters. Sometimes it’s a bad idea to add “that” whiskey. For example, I have an Islay Infinity bottle, a Highland Infinity bottle, and I’m working on an Irish Infinity bottle. My “Highland” bottle has small amounts of my favorites, including The Macallan 18, The Glenlivet 18, and The Glenfiddich Solera 15. Imagine the impact by adding Arbeg 10 or Laphroaig 10—all of that delicate toffee and nuttiness smoked out in seconds.

The secret to maintaining an Infinity bottle is that once you fill it, never pour more than you can readily replace. If you pour two ounces, replace two ounces. And never forget that this is YOUR special bottle. You can make it as serious or as fun as you like. I have a friend who makes his by adding half an ounce of any and every whiskey he drinks. He’s included Fireball, Skrewball, Tennessee Honey, Royal Crown Maple, and a $300 Bowmore Islay, to name a few. He swears it’s the finest whiskey ever created.

He is terribly wrong. But the Inifinity bottle is about ongoing happiness, however you define it.

Infinity bottles are a great way to extend the joy and fun of whiskey. Each is unique, a living expression of a personal adventure. Be dedicated to the project, and it will provide years of self-maintained joy, allowing you to live vicariously forever through the magical, ever-replenishing liquid.