The female-owned business aims to deliver a bit of sunshine and conversation, no matter the season. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Founded by entrepreneurs Meghan Hanna and Linda Cash, Two Chicks Cocktails began more as a concept than as a recipe: the pair endeavored to create “deliciously designed” drinks as a means to a movement, one that encourages inclusivity, laughter, and conversation amongst women. Little did the duo know that their products would also meet a moment–the COVID moment–and that the cocktails’ delivery system would prove to be au courant. (No hassle, no mixing, no cooties.)

Raised by two moms in a female-centric and supportive environment, and now a mother of two daughters, Hanna’s vision for Two Chicks was that its product would bring women together. “Women tend to connect over cocktails,” Hanna notes. And they aren’t the only ones.

Six different flavors help to ensure that everyone in your crew, regardless of gender, finds something to quaff: Sparkling Citrus Margarita (Tequila, lemon, and lime), Sparkling Vodka Fizz (Vodka, Elderflower, and pear), Sparkling Paloma (Tequila and grapefruit), Sparkling New Fashioned (Whiskey, spicy ginger, and orange), Sparkling Vodka CuTea (Vodka with peach, cucumber tea, and Thyme), and Sparkling Apple Gimlet (Gin, apple, and cucumber.) Each is natural, gluten and sugar free, and made with premium spirits and botanicals at just 5% ABV. All work over ice or straight from the can. 

The brand’s heart-strewn packaging will get conversations started, if there’s a quiet moment. From the intricate logo, to the creative mix of spirits and botanicals, Hanna’s vision to share positive energy is well illustrated, and is further supported by the Two Chicks pledge to provide a percentage of proceeds to women pursuing their purpose. Cheers to that.