The Norlan whisky glass presents spirits properly, and gets conversations started. (photos courtesy of the brand)

As Don Draper would be quick to note, the type of whiskey glass you offer when you ask, “Drink?,” is character-defining. Formed by mouth-blowing borosilicate glass into two separate molds, the double-walled Norlan whiskey glass epitomizes elegance. Created by Sruli Recht to evoke natural forms, this winner of numerous product design awards has been digitally crafted to capture whisky’s complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them directly to the senses.

The complexity of the design, jewel-like faceting, and rounded inner bowl—which all combine to both aerate and enhance the hue of the whiskey—are belied by the glass’s lightweight feel. The piece is also available in an opaque, lacquer black version, while the full Norlan line includes tumblers, highball glasses, carafes, decanters, and even fragrances inspired by three different regions of Scotland. The Norlan whiskey glasses ($58) come in sets of two housed in an elegant tube.