It’s the time of year to bring the sweet and the strong together. (photos courtesy of the brands)

Perhaps you’re sitting in front of the TV right now, waiting on the hordes of costumed kids. There’s still time to whip up a couple of treats for yourself—cocktails to warm your heart and your gullet. Here’s a set that you can adapt to your nefarious ends.

Vampires of Perthshire 

I used to eschew the mixing of scotch with anything but Drambuie. But in the past couple of years I’ve become convinced of scotch’s role in cocktails. The subtle fruitiness of the spirit plays especially well with apple cider.


2 oz Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

¼ oz apple cider syrup

¼ oz Averna

2 dashes Orange Bitters


Add all ingredients to a glass and stir. Express oil of an orange peel and garnish.

The Spooky Penicillin

There’s probably not time to put this one together properly tonight—but with some improvisation you can come close. Plus, it’s a real winner that will stand you in good stead as the weather continues to cool.

It’s a variation on the classic Penicillin that was dreamed up by Kevin Canchola, a Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador and whisky expert based in Chicago.


1.5 parts Glenfiddich 14

.5 parts Glenfiddich Fire & Cane

.75 parts lemon juice

.75 parts ginger apple cider syrup (in a pot, reduce 24 oz of apple cider and 1 knuckle of ginger over low heat until it’s syrupy, approximately 90 minutes)

1 Tsp activated charcoal (to make the cocktail black)


Gently stir all ingredients in a shaker over ice. Serve in a coupe, and garnish with a lemon wheel.

Spiked Irish Apple Cider

This Fall, the great Irish Whiskey house Kilbeggan teamed up with some of the oldest operating apple orchards on the East Coast. Through November, Breezy Hill Orchard in Staatsburg, NY and Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, MA will actually be selling Kilbeggan-infused Irish Whiskey Donuts.

You might not be able to get your hands on the first-rate ciders made at these storied operations, but get hold of the freshest you can find, and knock out one (or both).

Spiked Irish Cider from Lookout Farm


1 part Kilbeggan Original Irish Whiskey

2 parts Lookout Farm, Farmhouse Hard Cider

2 parts Lookout Farm Apple Cider


Add ingredients to mule mug over ice, stir with cinnamon stick to combine. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon stick.

Spiked Irish Cider from Breezy Hill Orchard

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1 part Kilbeggan Original Irish Whiskey

2 parts Breezy Hill Golden Russet Hard Cider

2 parts Breezy Hill Apple Cider

1 part Fever Tree Ginger Beer


Add ingredients to mule mug over ice, stir with cinnamon stick to combine. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon stick.