The world’s greatest occasions—even its smallest ones—include bubbly. (photo by Shebeko)

It is, for once, no exaggeration to say that there is nothing else quite like it. Ships may not be launched without it. For the celebration of victory in the World Series or the Super Bowl or a bicycle race, there is no substitute. In large formats especially, it is useful for soaking your compatriots; in recent years, they have sensibly begun preparing, with handily stashed ski goggles. It is precious, and must also be wasted.

Lawyers, after a verdict in their favor, favor single malts. A julep is correct for the Derby. But for the proper popping joy of a wedding toast, a ribbon cutting, the turning of the year, only one beverage will do.

For the next week, we at the Wine and Whiskey Globe propose to celebrate champagne.

And let us sip out of the other side of the glass and say also that intend to commit praise of its numerous offshoots and cousins—pet nats from Texas, methodes champenoise gems out of South Africa, classy Napa offerings, the surprising new wave out of England.

It’s Bubbles Week. We hope we tickle your nose.