Four Roses makes a perfect Valentine's Day better

Four Roses makes a perfect Valentine’s Day better (Photo from the brand)

So many whiskies have stolen our hearts and made us fall in love at first sight, so why not bring that whiskey love to the holiday that is all about love and romance? Whiskies are mesmerizing and alluring, and they will bring new depth to your heart-filled evening. Are you interested in buying a bottle that would be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? I have some great ideas, especially if you’re looking for that perfect whiskey bottle that will take your loved one’s breath away! These fun options will have your Valentine swooning. 

If you are looking for a hot and passionate night and love peated whisky, give your loved one a bottle of Compass Box Flaming Heart. This stunning blended scotch whisky finds harmony between heavy peat from Laphroaig, Caol Ila, and Talisker and a Highland Malt Blend that spent five years in a richly toasted virgin French Oak cask. At 48.9% ABV, and coupled with a playlist (available on their website) made specifically for this whisky, your night will be on fire from this Flaming Heart.

If bourbon is your preference, forego the traditional bouquet of a dozen roses and give the four sure to win your lover’s heart- as in a bottle of Four Roses bourbon whiskey. A vase of flowers is beautiful and smells good, but not as good as nosing a glass of Kentucky bourbon. If you want to up the “wow factor,” hunt down a Limited Edition barrel-strength bottle hand-selected by their Master Distiller.

To celebrate the day of romance with a bottle that literally has romance written on the glass, choose a whiskey from Valentine Distillery. This Detroit distillery was established in 2007 and is among the nation’s first craft distilleries. Their award-winning bourbons and ryes are the perfect gift to woo and charm your sweetie. And, if you’re looking to buy even more gifts for your special loved one, Valentine Distilling has other delicious spirits to add to their collection. 

This year, get inspired to give the gift of whisky to your true love. So many special bottles are available that will melt your Valentine’s heart. I’m hoping these suggestions inspire you to find that perfect whiskey gift. Let 2023 be the year you uncork the best Valentine’s Day you have ever had!