Hard to find, but worth the hunt. Hint: It’s not from Kentucky. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Back in the 1800s, immigrant whiskey maker and Cincinnati resident Edmund Dexter competed with his distilling counterparts to the south, proudly serving up the results to an impressive roster of houseguests including Charles Dickens and the Prince of Wales. Now, the Dexter Bourbon Company in nearby Newtown, Ohio is reviving the spirit of this whiskey pioneer with a new product of its own.

Dexter Three Wood Straight Bourbon (a 36 percent rye blend) achieves its rich flavor profile through a unique WoodCraft Finishing process that incorporates artisan maple, cherry, and 200-year old oak. The result is an ultra-smooth mouthfeel and long, lingering finish. The cherry comes through at first whiff, segueing into nutty chocolate candy bar notes before reluctantly fading out with a hint of spicy rye and more fruit.

The company also offers an intriguing Dexter 1862 custom bourbon concept at high-end bars (and online) that allows users to scan a QR code and answer a few questions about their bourbon preferences to create their own personal blend from a set of six core products.

Founded by Doug Hall and Joe Girgash, the Dexter Bourbon Company is the luxury arm of Brain Brew Whiskey. Dexter Straight Bourbon retails for about $50, if you can find it. Best of luck. The first bottling released Jan. 2, 2021 sold out in under an hour.