The new Very Rare offering—again in extraordinary packaging—has upped its proof to 101.

It can be hard not to envy Buffalo Trace. They have so much stuff stored away, quietly waiting to be released to much fanfare. The latest case in point is the 20-year-old Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon, the third bottling in this series, started in 2019. 

This bourbon slumbered for two decades on the lower floors of Buffalo Trace’s historic warehouses,” the company says, double the nap for the regular 10-year-old Eagle Rare Bourbon. 

Let’s look at some numbers. The proof on this beauty has been bumped up to 101. Only 199 were made. Retail is $2,000.

It’s a rarity, built for fun and showing off. The handblown crystal decanter is itself rather remarkable to look at, with its two sculptured eagles, one inside of the bottle and one serving as the stopper. Along with searching for the thing, you’ll also be searching for an occasion to enjoy it. 

The tasting notes detail “a nose of dark cherries and creamy caramel … on the palate, dark chocolate, smoked oak, and dates, followed by a long, complex finish of cinnamon, anise, and oak.”