Jamie Foxx, perhaps best known for his portrayal of Ray Charles, now enters the world of spirits. (Photos by Nicholas Maggio)

When award-winning actor Jamie Foxx saw how guests responded to the BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon he brought to a party, he knew he had a hit on his hands. As the brand’s new owner, Foxx now aims to elevate the flavored whiskey’s profile on a national level.

“I’ve always lived by the rule that life is short, and you need to go out and do what you want to do. Owning a brand that brings sweet life to the party has always been a goal and with BSB, we’re making it happen,” Foxx said. “Before the quarantine, I watched bottles of BSB disappear at all my celebrations and knew this was a brand I wanted to bring into the spotlight. Anyone who tries BSB is going to love it just like I do.” 

The new BSB is offered at two proof levels.

Founded in Washington State in 2016, BSB is currently produced in Washington and Missouri with marketing headquarters for BSB Spirits based in Dallas. The brand family offers the 60-proof BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon at $22 and a higher-proof BSB 103 ($30) for a bolder flavor punch.

With a 68% corn/27% rye/5% malted barley base, the flagship BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon product ages two years in New American Oak barrels, while the BSB 103 features a 75% corn/21% rye/4% malted barley mash bill. The result in both cases is a smooth, cinnamon-forward whiskey with heavy notes of sweet caramel and brown sugar.

“We are extremely fortunate that Jamie was introduced to our brand at one of his legendary parties,” said Sean M. Penn, CEO of BSB Spirits. “I have no doubt that Jamie will lead BSB to new heights. We can think of no better creative force than Jamie, and we look forward to watching him introduce BSB to the world.”