The label tells the story, with all the delicious details. (photos courtesy of the brand)

When we finally get out of here, one of the first trips we have planned is to Kentucky—to Franklin County, more specifically, for a visit to the sprawling, 130-acre, National Historic Landmark Buffalo Trace distillery compound.

Much more on that, when it finally happens. Meantime, the storied maker is about to drop its 23rd “Experimental” release, a limited-quantity series, bottled at 375ml, that has been catnip to collectors. This one, a wheat recipe bourbon, was aged for four years, cut with water, then re-barreled and aged another eight. It sounds delicious.

Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley describes the nose as “sweet and floral, with notes of oak, vanilla, and a bit of leather,” with a taste offering “a pleasing balance of butterscotch, honey, and wood.”

The juice went into barrel at 114 proof, and was then cut with water, down to 100 proof, then placed back in the same aging vessel.  They do a lot of this sort of thing at Buffalo Trace. The company claims to have more than 25,000 experimental barrels on site, of various ages, mashbills, and barrel types.

Look for it in May, around $47.