The program delivers a commemorative box—and, of course, some delicious juice. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Bourbon maker Buffalo Trace has more than doubled its expected fund-raising target of $500,000 in its 6 Millionth Barrel charity program.

The program, initiated last year, provided special commemorative bottlings from its hallmark six millionth production barrel to 378 non-profit organizations across the country to boost fundraising efforts in their communities. As of this posting, 332 of the selected charities had successfully leveraged those bottles into $1,145,162 of on-the-street relief to benefit a variety of educational, ecological, medical, arts, animal rights, veteran and other causes. The 56 remaining organizations in the program have rescheduled their efforts, so that figure will increase as those events roll out.

This program marked the third time the distillery has offered commemorative bottles for non-profits to use for fundraising purposes. The current results are not only a testament to the distiller’s commitment to charity, but also a testament to the success of the bourbon brand itself. Owned by U.S. liquor conglomerate the Sazerac Company, the Frankfort, Kentucky-based operation, originally established in 1787, is one of the oldest continuously operating distilling operations in the country, even operating during Prohibition to produce whiskey for “medicinal” purposes. While the Buffalo Trace label was introduced in 1999, the facility operated under several names over its history, including George T. Stagg and Old Fire Copper (OFC). But Buffalo Trace’s estimated production of 2.6 million gallons a year brought it to the six-million-barrel milestone.