Label Art of Mezcal Verde

Label Art of Mezcal Verde (Photo by the brand)

Mezcal Verde is promoting a better world without prejudice. As a leader in sustainably produced artisanal mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico, parent company Mezcal Verde Amarás has launched its new “Artist Series” celebrating its philosophy- that creativity is the catalyst for change.  The bi-annual project commissioned six artists to create label art to feature on the brand’s iconic labels.

The inaugural theme of the series explores “the celebration and preservation of Mexican traditions of art and culture in pursuit of a BETTER WORLD.” In cooperation with the AndArt Agency and overseen by its partner Elliot Safra, the six works will make Mezcal Verde bottles “must-haves” for collectors, mezcal lovers, and art enthusiasts alike.

The artists, selected from varied backgrounds, were provided a “blank canvas” to express themselves and share their creative vision. Their works showcase a range of media- from wood etching to poetry- each reflecting Mexico’s vibrant and diverse culture. The six include Zapotec photographer Luvia Lazo, mixed-media artist Curiot Tlapazotl, tapestry weaver Melissa Avila (M.A Studio), printmaker, muralist, illustrator, and scratchboard artist Sergio Sánchez Santamaría, poet José Olivarez, and food artist Ananas Ananas.

“The artists selected are amongst the best in their crafts, and all resonate deeply and authentically with Mezcal Verde’s brand philosophy,” said Safra. “The decision was made to try to highlight Mexico’s rich culture in as many forms as possible; we are privileged to have worked with masters in photography, graffiti, tapestry, poetry, installation, and engraving. We welcome these artists (and future ones) as part of our Mezcal Verde family.”

“Mezcal Verde Amarás is a rebel with a cause and a brave project that takes a stand for diversity and embraces love and respect in the pursuit of a better world,” said Santiago Suarez, Mezcal Amaras founder, and president. Verde wants to give a voice to people of all cultures, races, and genders – undivided – embracing all human beings for who they are. ”

Embracing diversity, Verde reaches beyond fixed labels. Our love is emblazoned on each bottle. This new program firmly establishes Mezcal Amarás Verde as a supporter of the arts. A full 360-degree program incorporating social media, PR, and events will promote the artists and their work.”

The limited-edition ‘Artist Series’ bottles are set for worldwide release in May 2023