The Mallow-Bomb cocktail

The root-beer-based cocktail packs an unexpected punch

I don’t usually appreciate cocktails, primarily due to my preference for spirits mixed with, well, air. In a glass. And that’s all. But, I recently found an exception, and believe it or not (Lord forbid), it’s made with Scotch.

Now I know what you’re thinking- “Scotch is not for mixing!”

Normally, I’d agree with you, but Glenmorangie’s Nectar D’Or is an exception that might just change your mind. It starts with Glenmorangie 10, as do most of their extended maturation cask expressions. This one, despite the lack of a bottle age statement, spends an additional two years in Sauternes casks, resulting in some unexpected flavors. Here is the brand’s description:

“This whisky was born from the memory of entering a pastry shop for the very first time. It’s about that first moment of finding your senses deliciously overwhelmed, breathing in the sweet scents and wishing you could take a bite of every creamy, flaky treat you see. In Nectar D’Or, you can taste it all.” They continue, “The outcome is like a silky dessert-filled daydream of white chocolate swirled with lemon cream, crème caramel, almond croissants… all balanced by a soft drumbeat of spice. Each sip is like sending your senses on holiday to a French patisserie.”

We can debate whether this is a good Scotch. Its flavors are unique to what we consider “typical” but undeniably “interesting.” However, it was by sheer accident that I found it makes a great root beer cocktail. Here’s the recipe:

2 Oz. Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or single malt Scotch
6 oz. chilled root beer (mine was Sugar-Free A&W)
Orange peel twist
Lime Slice
Martini shaker

After pouring the Scotch into the martini shaker, I squeezed and added the orange peel twist and ice. After vigorously shaking it, I strained it into a glass full of ice, then topped with the root beer and garnished with the lime peel (or any citrus).

What a great match- the root beer’s spiciness perfectly matched the Scotch’s relatively sweet flavor profile. On their own, these two beverages don’t usually make particularly cocktail-friendly ingredients, but they seem to match one another perfectly.

Sláinte, Salud, Cheers and L’Chaim!