These fizzy vodka-based spritzers add zip to the picnic cooler (photo by Amy Lynch for Wine and Whiskey Globe)

“Botanical” is among the new buzzwords in sparkling adult beverages. Case in point, Plume & Petal’s new line of canned spritzers, redolent of fruit, herbs, tea, and honey. The first vodka-based sippers of their kind enters the U.S. market courtesy of Bacardi Limited, joining other ready-to-drink brands like Bombay Sapphire & Tonic, Bacardi Real Rum Cocktails, and many dozens of others.

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Clocking in at 4.5 percent ABV and 100 calories, the easy-drinking sparklers boast no artificial sweeteners or gluten. Rooted in peach, lemon, and cucumber-based spirits, the spritzes lighten things up with subtle flavor and refreshing fizz.

At first pop, the spritzes tickle the nose with bubbles and aroma, a subtle suggestion of flavor to come. The cucumber variation hints at lemongrass and chamomile, soft on the palate and calling to mind the carafes of water you might find at a spa. The lemon spritz is fresh and citrusy with a lingering elderflower finish. The sweetest of the three without being overly sweet, the floral peach variety suggests a whisper of iced tea and honey.

Convenient to toss in a cooler and enjoy at a picnic, an outdoor concert or on a patio, the spritzes are easy to drink straight up, over ice, or floated atop a cocktail for carbonation. Just be aware, the bubbles tend to dissipate rather quickly.

Plume & Petal spritz variety 6-packs retail for $18; you’ll find single-flavor 4-packs around $13.