The Aperol sour will take your bitterness away. (photo by Renee Wilmeth for Wine and Whiskey Globe)

Just as the shut-downs began, I made what I figured would be a final liquor run—a trip to Costco for staples like gin and tequila. Along the way, I noticed an enormous bottle of Aperol and thought, hey, why not? I always go through a regular bottle much more quickly than I think I will, anyway.

At the checkout counter, amidst the pasta and toilet paper, my haul earned me a few sideways glances (I’d like to think of them as envious), and at least one really nasty frown, but sometimes taking the long view of things can earn you some shade.

Despite the naysayers, I still believe you can’t go wrong with Aperol as a light start for a warm evening, but now comes the blasphemous message: There are only so many Aperol Spritzes one girl can drink! So what else could I do with my Costco-sized bottle of orange goodness?

A little research revealed another classic Aperol cocktail—the Aperol Sour. And now I have a new love. This little beauty actually elevates the Italian amaro’s bright and bitter flavors, assets often lost in the spritz. Additionally, egg white adds that magic element of cocktail creaminess that’s lost in so many of today’s tasty, but hasty concoctions. 

Many Aperol Sour recipes omit the gin, but I find it elevates this drink from light to sublime—just what you want in an aperitivo. With a little care, this modified 3:2:1 ratio cocktail offers a great foamy top.

Aperol Sour (with a tip of the hat to Blossom to Stem

2 oz Aperol

½ oz gin

¾ oz  lemon juice, fresh squeezed

½ oz simple syrup

1 egg white

Lemon peel, for garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and combine all ingredients including the egg white. Shake for about a minute until well chilled. (The longer you shake, the foamier the egg white.)  Strain into a martini stem or a Nick-and-Nora coupe. Garnish with the lemon peel and enjoy!