A vodka-based twist on the classic Negroni, this drink hits all the right seasonal notes. (photo courtesy of the brand)

A friend who works with Grey Goose described this cocktail as looking like it came “straight out of a cauldron.” That sounds just right, right now.

I have yet to find flavored vodkas to rival the subtle bottlings produced by this big French brand. They don’t taste artificial, as many do, I suppose because they aren’t. The Orange—sorry, L’Orange—in this drink is pretty easy to find; the Ambrato vermouth less so, but fun to chase.

I actually added food coloring to my bitters; I can’t seem to find the Black Rice infused version they suggest. Mixologists craftier than I can likely pull it off—but my quick concoction looked spiffy (and spooky).


1 ½ oz Grey Goose L’Orange

1 oz Martini Ambrato Vermouth (or any that skews sweet)

1 oz Black Rice infused bitters

+ Halloween Candy

Method: Build in Rocks Glass. Add big cube. Stir and garnish with Halloween candy.