Teaming up with Sourced Craft Cocktails, Grey Goose is bringing a little of the U.S. Open experience to your couch. (photo courtesy of the brand)

Sports are so weird right now.

OK, actually everything is sorta weird. But out in Queens, New York, the U.S. Open tennis tournament started today, in a basically empty Arthur Ashe stadium. 

Grey Goose vodka is doing its part to at least keep some of the fun alive. “To help fans recreate that courtside feeling while watching couch-side,” a spokesperson said, the company is offering a Honey Deuce Cocktail Kit. Using the great delivery service Sourced Craft Cocktails, tennis nuts in Austin, Chicago, DC, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, NYC, Phoenix, and San Francisco can get all the ingredients—a bottle of Grey Goose, freshly squeezed lemonade, Chambord raspberry liqueur, and pre-scooped honeydew melon balls—brought to their door.

The concoction is delicious—sweet and summery and fun. There are three levels of kit available, and each comes with 2020 commemorative US Open Cups—a souvenir that previously would have only been available inside the stadium. It’s a small consolation—but a nifty way to remember a summer we’ll all never forget.