Paddy Drinks is yet another authoritative, entertaining effort from the pioneering team

The minds behind world-famous NYC watering hole Dead Rabbit, creators Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry and beverage director Jillian Vose, know their whiskey. Now, with their new book Paddy Drinks: The World of Modern Irish Whiskey Cocktails, they’re sharing some serious knowledge on the subject. From a complete guide to the production process to flavor wheels, tasting notes, and a slew of recipes, it’s a must-read tome that should be on any connoisseur’s bookshelf. Here, Vose shares her favorite tipples, what the process of writing the book taught her and more.

What makes Irish whiskey such a great base for cocktails?

Versatility. Because the category has many different sub-categories, there is a style and unique marks within each style for every kind of drink.

What was the most surprising thing you learned while writing this book?

Editing this many recipes with this many brands is no small task. This book really was a labor of love from the whole team.

What are a couple of cocktails in the book that you’re particularly proud of?

We chose our greatest hits of Irish whiskey-based cocktails for this book, so having favorites is tough. But, I’d say I’m particularly proud of a few including God is a DJ, Stun Grenade, and a Dead Rabbit classic, Psycho Killer.

What is your favorite Irish whiskey of the moment?

Well, I’d love to say I have the luxury of drinking the expensive stuff on the regular, but that is surely not the case. So, I’ll share my favorite “everyday” whiskeys. My go-to for pot still would be Redbreast 15 year old; single malt would be Bushmills 16 year old; blended would be my pal Tim Herlihy’s new whiskey, Lost Irish.

What is your current go-to cocktail?

My go-to cocktail at the moment is and probably always will be an Irish coffee. When made well, they’re a treat, not too boozy and it’s a great drink to have while you’re looking over a menu.